Mensa Medicare India Pvt Ltd

With our 25 years of successful experience in pharmaceutical industry, we have deepened our roots in every state, city and tier of India. We pride in our widest range of products which aims at elevating pain, discomfort and maladies.

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Our Core
Values in Business.

Work Ethics.

We have a big responsibility to shoulder and we take every minute of our responsibility seriously. We work on our unwavering work ethics that demands that we provide the best quality range of services and products to our clients.

in Quality.

We believe in extending our humanity through our work and show our compassion for the world through our dedication. This drives us to provide only the best of the best in the pharmaceutical industry.


Be it relationship with our clients or within our team and business partners, we believe in building and maintaining trust. We aim to do that with our diligent and timely services and quality products. And we aim to extend this trust from generation to generation.


With the support of our other core values in pharmaceutical business, we aspire to keep our growth steady. Our growth will only lead to better medical facilities for people everywhere. Our dedication towards our aim and your trust in our services will result in this steady growth for our collective future.



Our manufacturing standards are set to the highest notch of quality and deliver the most efficient result to our clients. There is no room for error and hence we are racing towards becoming number one in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Third party

We only extend our third-party manufacturing facility to the dedicated and virtuous contenders in pharmaceutical. It becomes our top most priority to light the candle forward to those who share the same core values as us. In return, we make outsourcing activity easier and flexible for them.


We pride in our rigorous set of standards and policies while manufacturing and distributing our services and products. This has contributed to our success and shall continue to be our success factor in our future endeavours.


We provide marketing support to our partners and lay out a plan on how to grow further from any point. We provide our assistance to give our partners a better chance to thrive in their own space.


It is never too late to learn and hone our skills in pharmaceuticals. We trained our partners to be well equipped with their roles. We train them with the necessary skills that would help them prosper in their own pharmaceutical ventures.